10 Things to Donate to Animal Shelters

Dog Leashes, Pet Food, And More

Whether your pup has outgrown his pet crate or you just found a cache of old pet supplies in your closet, you’d like to help out a local animal shelter. The team at Sadie’s Pet Products has put together this list of the most common items on every animal shelter’s wishlist. 

dog leashes for sale online1. Training leashes and collars.

Training Leashes are in high demand, because owners and shelter staff alike need to train (or retrain) animals and make sure they get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Remember, dogs come in all different sizes so large, medium, and small dog leashes are all needed.

2. Pet Food and treats.

A huge portion of a shelter’s funds goes towards buying food. Think about how many animals there are to feed. You can help by bringing in a few cans or a bag of food. (Don’t forget about other treats like jars of peanut butter, dental chews, and catnip!)

3. Supplies of Purell and pet stain cleaners.

Workers at animal shelters are regularly exposed to germs and pathogens; they need to protect their health as well as the health of the animals. Eco-friendly and pet safe cleanings supplies and hand sanitizers can help the shelters from becoming vectors for illnesses.

4. Brushes, shampoo, scissors and other grooming supplies.

Most shelters are undersupplied with respect to grooming equipment. By donating these items, you can help a stray, scared dog or cat (or other creature) feel pampered and secure.

5. Toys.

It’s depressing to watch several animals share a single soggy, torn toy. Donate new toys and imagine those tails wagging! Fuzzy mice, scratching posts, and rabbit chews are always welcome too!

6. Crates.

Pet safe carriers and crates can be expensive, so many shelters are in short supply.

7. Blankets and towels.

Especially during storm days and during the winter, animal shelters can get quite cold. Blankets can help animals stay toasty and warm and avoid getting sick.

8. Formula for kittens and puppies.

Some abandoned puppies and kittens may not be able to nurse from their mothers, in which case formula can come in handy – it can even be lifesaving.

9. Kitty litter.

By donating fresh kitty litter, you can keep shelters smelling fresher and improve sanitation.

10. Flea and tick creams and ointments.

Medication can help staff treat sick animals and prevent the spread of nasty and costly to treat outbreaks.

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