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6 Dog Leash Training Tips

Dog Walking Tips

Whether you need help with your labradoodle’s neighborhood stroll, or you want training leashes for a pair of rescue dogs you just brought back from the shelter, here are 6 tried and true tips.

leash training1. Avoid long/un-adjustable leashes. Shorter leashes can give you extra command over your dog’s movements and protect him or her from jumping into traffic or chasing after children.

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5 Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Training Your Pet to Love Traveling

traveling with pets

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Whether you have a pair of adorable kittens or a trusty schnauzer who’s been by your side for almost a decade, you’re concerned about how to travel with him (or her). You want to protect your little furry one from danger and loneliness – and limit any damage done to them or your pocketbook.

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