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How Can I Keep My Pets Safe On The 4th Of July?

Safety Tips from Sadie’s Pet Shop

safe dog leash for trainingAs Independence Day approaches, you’re excited to light up a BBQ, celebrate with family and neighbors, and watch the skies above light up with a palette of red, white and blue lights.

But you’re worried about your puppy or adult dog. What strategies and tactics can you use to keep him or her safe on the 4th of July? Continue reading

10 Things to Donate to Animal Shelters

Dog Leashes, Pet Food, And More

Whether your pup has outgrown his pet crate or you just found a cache of old pet supplies in your closet, you’d like to help out a local animal shelter. The team at Sadie’s Pet Products has put together this list of the most common items on every animal shelter’s wishlist.  Continue reading

Coping With The Loss Of A Pet

As an online pet store (and proud dog owners!), we’ve had several customers ask us about how to deal with the loss of a pet. Whether you just received horrible news that your dog will need to be euthanized, or you lost your pet in a tragic car accident, you’re feeling numb and heartbroken. How can you deal with what’s happened in a way that’s mindful and that honors the memory of your beloved animal? Continue reading

Spring Pet Safety Tips

Walking Your Dog Outdoors

Your big German Shepherd, Rocky, has been bouncing around your Bay Area apartment all winter. Now you’re finally able to take him out for nice sunny walks around the neighborhood.

But how can you keep your canine friend safe, and protect passersby (including other dogs and small children) from harm? Continue reading

Tips for Raising a Rescue Dog

How to Train a Rescued Pet

safe dog leash for training

Image via Flickr

Raising a rescue dog can be a delightful, though unpredictable, experience. Depending on the dog you get – and the home you keep, and the training you provide – you may have no problems at all in regards to pet safety and leash training. Or the animal may need intense dog training, and you may need to hire a professional to work on the behavioral issues. Continue reading