6 Dog Leash Training Tips

Dog Walking Tips

Whether you need help with your labradoodle’s neighborhood stroll, or you want training leashes for a pair of rescue dogs you just brought back from the shelter, here are 6 tried and true tips.

leash training1. Avoid long/un-adjustable leashes. Shorter leashes can give you extra command over your dog’s movements and protect him or her from jumping into traffic or chasing after children.

2. Be generous (but strategic) with your rewards. Dogs learn to associate rewards with certain behaviors. If you time your rewards correctly, the dog will realize that he or she will get a nice yummy or chewy (or both!) treat every time he or she behaves well.

3. Bring plenty of bags to pick up the dog doo. Particularly if you walk in residential neighborhoods, be a good neighbor and scoop up after your dog.

4. Allow yourself time. Don’t rush success. Pay attention to whether you’re meeting your dog’s needs for play and outdoor activity.

5. Remember: dogs need time outdoors. They need to have time to romp, adjust to their surroundings and do their business. Leave enough of a window of opportunity for “business to be done.”

6. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your schedule. The routine has to work for your animal AND for you and your family.

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