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Best Dog Walking Practices

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Decades ago, few “experts” gave this question much thought. People just trained their dogs intuitively and organically. However, an entire industry of “dog walking advice” has been spawned and driven by the internet. Let’s sort fact from fiction, so that you can enjoy a better, more productive dog walking experience.

What does science really tell us about “best” dog walking practices? Surprisingly little! Few (if any) randomized control experiments have been done on the subject.

So what do common etiquette and anecdotal experiences tell us?

First of all, be neighborly. Bring plastic bags with you, if you’re walking around a residential or public area. It’s very impolite to let your dog do his business on someone else’s lawn or sidewalk and leave it there: you’re creating a horrible surprise for innocent, unsuspecting neighbors.

Secondly, understand your dog’s personality. Some dogs are gentle creatures who don’t mind encountering kids and other dogs. Others are shy or skittish or barky — such animals can create havoc on walks, if you’re not careful. If you understand what your dog likes and doesn’t like – responds to and doesn’t respond to – you’re going to have an easier time.

Along those lines, pay attention to your surroundings. Keep your eyes peeled for kids, cars and other dogs. Once you get into the habit of walking a dog, it’s easy to let your mind wander and skip out on the present moment. But this can be dangerous! It only takes a split second for a dog to get free from a leash grip and run into traffic. There’s no reason to waste your life in a zombie-like half state of awareness, anyway. Give your friend the gift of your attention – stop “writing emails in your head” or engaging in other mindless business while you walk your best friend.

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It’s All About Training With the Right Dog Leash

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