Tips for Raising a Rescue Dog

How to Train a Rescued Pet

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Raising a rescue dog can be a delightful, though unpredictable, experience. Depending on the dog you get – and the home you keep, and the training you provide – you may have no problems at all in regards to pet safety and leash training. Or the animal may need intense dog training, and you may need to hire a professional to work on the behavioral issues.

Different rescue dogs have different needs and challenges. Here are critical tips to assist you with potty training, behavioral problems, and food training.

Regarding potty training issues: routine is king. Minimize the animal’s stress, if possible, particularly if he or she had been abused. Give the dog a lot of time outside, and limit the animal’s space, particularly in the beginning, so that he or she avoids trying to mark territory in unrecognized areas of the home. Be consistent and compassionate.

Regarding behavioral training, first identify problems related to anxiety or aggression. Understand what you’re dealing with, before you develop solutions. You won’t solve aggressive tendencies or anxiety symptoms in one or two dog training sessions. Give the dog time to develop trust and heal, psychologically, from any past trauma. While you’re getting to know each other, avoid situations that could provoke aggressive or destructive behavior. For instance, keep the dog away from precious furniture or small children, until you’re confident that he or she can handle such situations.

Choose appropriate food. Dogs are omnivores, like humans are, but many dog foods contain lot of corn and grain and refined flour – elements that would never occur in a dog’s natural diet. Researchers believe that refined carbohydrates in dog foods may, in fact, explain the recent epidemic of diabetes and obesity in canines. Feed your dog foods that he or she evolved to eat. Stick to your routine, and talk to your vet if you have questions about a particular food or dietary regimen.

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