How Can I Keep My Pets Safe On The 4th Of July?

Safety Tips from Sadie’s Pet Shop

safe dog leash for trainingAs Independence Day approaches, you’re excited to light up a BBQ, celebrate with family and neighbors, and watch the skies above light up with a palette of red, white and blue lights.

But you’re worried about your puppy or adult dog. What strategies and tactics can you use to keep him or her safe on the 4th of July?

  • Get appropriate leashes.

If you’re going to go out in public during a fireworks event, get adjustable dog leashes that are appropriate for the environment. That way, you can avoid a circumstance in which,the explosions spook your dog and it runs away before you have a chance to react.

  • Consider products to help your dog with anxiety.

The fireworks and excitement of the 4th of July can spook animals and cause them anxiety and stress, which can provoke a variety of health conditions. Browse online pet stores or talk to your vet about getting a dog appeasing pheromone (also known as DAP), which can soothe animals who are scared of fireworks. You can also get a contraption known as a thundershirt to soothe and resolve anxiety.

  • Be mindful of both neighborhood firework displays and community launches.

If you know that your dog is terrified of explosions, you might keep him home while you go to a community display. But people around your neighborhood might also spontaneously launch off bottle rockets and sparklers, which can also cause spooking and anxiety. If possible, it’s best to keep your dog indoors where it will feel safe and protected.

  •  Prevent your dog from running after and chomping on fireworks.

Not only are firework’s filled with toxic chemicals like sulfur and potassium nitrate, they can get as hot as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit! Keep all fireworks in a secure spot and properly dispose of any unused fireworks or fireworks debris that may have found its way into your yard.

Need an Adjustable Security Leash?

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