3 Tips for Preparing Your Pet for a New Home

Training Animals to Love Their New Home

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Whether you’re traveling with pets for work or seeking Bay Area pet care or dog training, you want sound, tested advice about how to make the transportation/transition humane and fun!

Here are three tips to remember:

1. Pets thrive on routine.

Pets, like people, thrive on stable, healthy routines. When you pack your stuff in boxes, move venues, or even just take a lot of car trips, your pets can feel disoriented and out of sorts. You probably won’t be able to maintain Fido or Fifi’s routine entirely, but you can strive to keep some of the schedule intact. For instance, you might feed your cat at the same time every day, or take walk your dog down a familiar stretch of road, while you’re packing up your apartment.

2. Get appropriate moving and travel equipment.

Your cat or dog may not like sitting in a crate, while on a plane or in the car, no matter what. But if you have comfortable gear – that you adapt your pet to using, before you travel – the experience should be far less stressful for the pet, therefore more enjoyable for you.

3. Do due diligence with respect to logistics and pet record keeping.

Are you up-to-date with all your pet’s medical records? Have you microchipped your pet, so you can track him or her down easily, if your little friend gets lost during transit or runs away once you’ve arrived? Does your pet have up to date ID tags? Have you taken your pet to the vet for a thorough check up? Get these logistics in order, before you embark. Finally, make sure your pet has healthy food and plenty of water before, during and after the transition process.

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