Spring Pet Safety Tips

Walking Your Dog Outdoors

Your big German Shepherd, Rocky, has been bouncing around your Bay Area apartment all winter. Now you’re finally able to take him out for nice sunny walks around the neighborhood.

But how can you keep your canine friend safe, and protect passersby (including other dogs and small children) from harm?

First of all, get equipment that’s appropriate for your needs.

Invest in high quality large dog adjustable leashes, for instance, instead of “bargain-basement” ones. The dog leash needs to work under emergency situations. All it takes is one lapse of the technology – a broken leash – for the dog to plunge into traffic, attack another dog, etc. Likewise, if you run, get a safe dog running leash – not just any leash. Your equipment should match your needs and your dog’s needs.

Learn your dog’s patterns and habits.

When does he or she like to go out? What rewards does the dog enjoy? How does the dog-walking process integrate with your schedule?

Pay attention to what “messes” your dog encounters.

For instance, does your dog attack squirrels or get into fights with neighborhood raccoons? If so, you need to be aware of these problems and do something about them.

Develop a process for pet care.

Just like you want to get on a regular walking schedule, you also want to get on a regular feeding schedule, grooming schedule, vaccination schedule, etc. The processes you use are almost more important than any specific strategies or tactics you define.

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