Michele Genzardi: I love the 8 in 1 leash! It’s the only leash we use for walking charlie. Since I am usually walking him with at least one child, all the different and spots make it easy for my young kids to help me walk Charlie.

Nancy Turner Rozan: I enjoy using the Sadie 8 in 1 leash. The different hand levels/options to hold the leash are exceptional, especially when walking a 12 week old puppy which can be a real challenge! The different hand levels help control him with the harness when he wants to turn around and mouth the leash.

Christine Taylor: I just love the Sadie 8 in 1 leash. I use it ALL the time. We go to a LOT of dog classes and many times new people let their dog come into our space and this leash makes it so easy to grab another loop and pull our dog to safety. Love it!

Sonia Galvan Terryn: We just love our Sadie 8 in 1 leash. We play Flyball with our fur babies and these come in very handy, as we need to keep our dogs on a short leash while walking out to the race lanes. Then we change our grip to the longer leash while walking them out to potty. Also from time to time we do need hands free and the 8 in 1 leash works best for that as well! We always get compliments on our 8 in 1 leash.

Marlena Hovorka: I love the Sadie 8 in 1 leashes. They work great for being able to quickly cinch up from long leash to short when that squirrel runs by. I just ordered two more!

Dianne Patterson: This is a great leash. Not only is it flexible, it is also sturdy. It has held up to a lot of use. I really like the multiple lengths and it is the only leash I need.

Crystal Aguirre: I love them!!! Especially because I can go hands free or I can walk multiple dogs! Love the versatility.

Brandi Morgan: This really is the best leash!! I haven’t had time to write a proper review but just know I have over 20 leashes at home, and this is the one I grab every time.